Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Teaching and or coaching is a very demanding position in any community. Teachers have Star tests with very public numbers, and coaches have win loss records displayed in the sports section every day. My father was an educator and coach in Jackson, Michigan where I grew up, so other than my involvement as a school board member and as the father of two school aged children, I have a long history as to the demands of education. Teachers have a responsibility to teach every child to the best of their abilities, regardless of who walks through the door. Some children read or run faster than others, while many are engaged and others are not. Nevada County has some of the best schools in the state as well as the country. Many local schools have achieved Blue Ribbon status and a large number of Bear River and Nevada Union High School graduates attend college. This is due to teacher dedication, student commitment and parent support. Think of a stool. There must be three strong legs for it to stand. The educator, the student and the parents create a partnership for student success. If there is a failure by one of the three legs, the stool will not stand. If there is failure, the teacher or coach is usually the first to receive the blame. But instead of casting blame, it would be best for the sake of the student to find another way to motivate the learner if and when they struggle. A parent can take an active role by being involved as well as being inquisitive as to what their child is learning. They can ask questions, help with study/practice habits and volunteer in the classroom, field or court. Statistics show that children with parents who are involved in the classroom or coaching on some level, have a higher achievement rate. Parental actions speak louder than words to children. Teachers are paid to teach, students by law have to attend school, the parent is the only leg of the stool which is by choice and it takes three legs to make the educational stool stand.

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