Thursday, April 26, 2012


As my life gets jam packed with the busyness of living, my son and I drift off course from time to time. When I felt this disconnect happening last week, we did what we both like to do, we went fishing. The conditions were not ideal, but that was not the point. It was time to reconnect. We loaded our gear into the truck at 9 a.m., much later than usual and drove to Spenceville State recreation area on Highway 20, eight miles from Grass Valley towards Marysville, next to Beal Air Force base. Three years go we started a tradition. We do what we refer to as "pond hopping." The state game area is filled with small ponds and also Dry Creek, which has a great water fall. Pond hopping is one activity that we both enjoy. We love to hike around in the warm spring sun with our fly rods in hand. The purpose of the day was to reconnect with my 10 year old boy. While driving in the car we talked about our fantasy basketball teams (he is in the finals this week and I'm not), school and his travel baseball team. The conversation never got too deep, but the chatter was comforting. We ate junk food from the gas station and drank soda (two things we do not consume very often) while sitting on the back of the tail gate. We walked the weed filled shorelines together of many ponds that day. As we both looked into the water for spawning bass, I could see his refection . I wondered what he sees through his eyes and if he enjoys these moments as much as I do. I recalled a few fading memories of my childhood fishing with my father. I do not recall a single fish being caught, but that was not the point. I warmly remember my father being there.

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