Friday, April 27, 2012


Many locals and tourists alike may find themselves on Broad Street in Nevada City around dinner time feeling hungry. But without a plan or a clear direction, you will begin to play tennis with your companions, and it goes something like this: "Where do you want to go?" They will reply, "I don't know, where do you want to go?" "What do you feel like eating?" and so on. Once the match has everyone exhausted, one person in the group will say, "Let's walk around and see what jumps out at us." The more you walk, the more hungry you become and in Nevada City your choices are endless, so without clear direction you may be lost. My favorite spot in our quaint mining town will most likely will be off limits to you at that very moment, but it is worth a shot and very much worth the wait. Sushi in the Raw (315 Spring St. Nevada City, CA 95959 (530) 478-9503) is my favorite sushi house in Nevada County. There is usually long wait, so make a reservation. Especially if you are not reading this at the corner of Broad and Pine looking for a place to eat within the next 10 minutes. Yes it costs more that other options within walking distance, but it does offer something you will find very special. If you are in from out of town or a local without a reservation, good luck overturning this hidden gem. You will often need a reservation more than 3 days in advance to experience one of Nevada City's culinary delights. If you have a special evening coming up and can plan well in advance, call Sushi in the Raw and ask to sit at Rue's back bar. This is where you will be delighted by the owner who is a sushi artist. He will undoubtedly create a masterpiece for you. The back bar has seating for only four customers and is not part of the general restaurant. You will be seated on tall chairs within a small but comfortable space, and if you will eat just about anything, let him know that by asking for the chef's choice. Rue will make you some incredible fare, that is not often served at other sushi bars. He will impress not only you with his offerings, but your guests as well. Nevada City has many restaurants, but Rue's back bar is very special place that many locals don't know about and if they do, they don't talk about it. Enjoy your date night.

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