Saturday, April 28, 2012


When your car's battery goes dead, you have just a few options to get that hunk of metal rolling again. If you own a manual transmission car, then what is know as "popping the clutch" will almost always get you on your way again. That is if you can push 3000 pounds or if you are lucky enough to be stalled on a hill. Calling AAA is always the best option with an automatic transmission, but if you are not one of the 50 million customers the company claims to have then you will need to flag someone down to help jump start your car, if you have jumper cables. If you don't own them, I would recommend picking them up at Riebe's Napa Auto Parts in Grass Valley near the round-a-bout on Idaho-Maryland Rd. or on Searls St. in Nevada City. So let say you have the cables and you have a willing jumper. You will want to open the hoods to both vehicles and locate the batteries. Once you have navigated where the hood release is, make sure the cables are long enough to reach both batteries at the same time. Once you are ready to make the connections, always connect to the dead battery first and be sure to connect the red handle to the positive post (+) on the battery and the negative (-) with the black handle. Once you have your vehicle hooked up, be sure to do the same thing to the car that is currently running. Once your connections have been made, try to start the dead car. It should start right away. Be sure to drive the newly started vehicle to give your alternator (the cars internal battery charger) time to fully recharge the battery or you may find yourself stranded again. The idea of revving the running car to enhance the power transferred to the dead battery has very little merit. If the vehicle does not start right away you most likely have a bigger issue on your hands. Call Fischer Towing 647 E Main St, Grass Valley, CA 95945 (530) 273-3180. They are a good group of drivers, who are courteous and conscientious. Have them tow you to Gin's Little Valley Auto Care 15898 Little Valley Rd. Grass Valley (530) 477-7880 . Duke is a great mechanic for those of you who are not afraid to go to a non-dealer environment. If a dealer is what you are most comfortable with, Grass Valley and Nevada City are not the places to have car troubles. 

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