Monday, September 24, 2012


Nobody hit an ace after 68 people competed on 44 holes of play at the Tru Line Customs - Challenge In The 530 last Sat. This was surprising really because the course was very scorable and a hole in one seemed ine
vitable. So, the TD (Bruce Hinson) set up a basket a couple hundred feet out in the field and gave each ace fund competitor one shot at getting closest to the pin to win the ace fund.

I knew this would take a long time, so I slowly wandered over to my car. Grabbed my GT Banger. Mosied back. Hung around next to Sheri and Jessica’s tent to watch players shoot in as close as possible. Then…all the sudden, everyone had thrown. Internally I’m thinking, “Whoa…I still have to throw!”

So I run up to the tee box as 30 – 40 people are heading out to get their discs saying, “One more! One more!”

Now, it’s been a long day, so with a little grumbling the players look back and start to spread out a path to the basket. Sensing some dread of watching one more throw I instinctually state, “No one’s hit it yet, right!?”

I’m looking now at the basket with a gallery of fellow men and women delineating a quasi-fairway. Relaxing…I take a nice easy cross step and LAUNCH a slight hiezer perfectly on line. Two seconds later…BOOM! It splashes dead center into low chains. Instantly there were victorious fists in air from the gallery with the roar of success. High-fives were going off everywhere. I couldn’t have imagined a better end to a really fun day with a bunch of men and women whom I sincerely appreciate as fellow disc golf friends. It was magical.

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