Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A Facebook post which stated there would be no more Thursday Night Market in Downtown Grass Valley started a hail storm for those who organized, attended and sold at the Farmer's Market. As it turns out the Market will be back said Grass Valley Downtown's executive director Julia Jordan.

After an email conversation with Jordan I felt it was best to use her words as to what the new plan is for our beloved Downtown treasure.

"We have not made any decisions about the market at this point other than collecting a synopsis of the members feedback." Jordan said. "We will have a Thursday Night Market Committee who will be reviewing the market."

 "These are the things that I am hear to tell you.... There has been some confusion for all concerned. As the Director, I am here to tell you this- (1) the market is loved by the merchants, the community and the board (2) NEO is a mainstay and unfortunately, they were given some incorrect information (3) we are always looking at ways to improve the overall appeal of the event (4) I was asked to address this issue publicly at tonight's city council meeting, and I am quite glad that I did for the simple fact that our meeting discussion was disclosed to council, city personnel and above all the community. Tune in if you have an opportunity."

"We will be looking closely at ways to increase entertainment, seating and other options as time moves on. We are dedicated to making this market the BEST in the region. If you have ideas... or anyone has ideas to share, I am open to share with our committee. "

Jordan also stated, "If you have ideas... or anyone has ideas to share, I am open to share with our committee." 

Touchdown Production attended the event each week and below is one of the videos that can be found on their Youtube Channel.

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  1. Thank you Scott Hopper.... if you would like to contact me directly, email me I am always happy to answer questions, concerns or just listen to anything that anyone would like to convey to me about downtown. This is OUR downtown (collectively) so yes, your opinions matter to me and the Board of Directors. Thanks! Julia


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