Wednesday, September 26, 2012


On Wednesday night Grass Valley's City Council had two major items on their agenda that directly affected its downtown. Smoking and parking meters.

The Council members have decided they will continue to offer free parking which means shoppers will continue to park for free.

They also passed a NO SMOKING ORDINANCE in the downtown core! Local residence can now breath freely.


  1. Some people are certainly sanctimonious in their views and authoritarian in their actions. Give them a little bit of power and they can act like real Nazis sometimes.
    How screwed up is it that someone can't step outside a bar or sit in a park to smoke a pipe or a cigarette.
    Next they will pass a law that people are not allowed to wear cologne or tacky clothes, or to eat non-organic food in the downtown core.
    It never ceases to amaze me how people are continually calling for more reasons to use the full authority of the law and its attendant violence to force others to comply with their own personal preferences. Jerks.

  2. Smoking is a killing thing and it can be dangerous so it should be stopped in order to save our life..

  3. Very well done and it is must to do anything like this as it will help people get the more out of this habit..


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