Monday, September 17, 2012


The Magnolia Cross Country Team, comprised of 19 Magnolia athletes - started the season strong at Lyman Gilmore.  16 of the Magnolia Cross Country team runners placed and recieved medals at the Lyman Gilmore Meet.  Special Mentions go to the following Magnolia Atheletes by grade:  

6th grade:  Congratulations to Syenna Valasquez first place;  Callie Bickmore second place and Shelbi Begheti sixth place.

7th grade:  Congratulations to Camden Cresco fourth place; Jordan Elliot fifth place and Cassidy Negri tenth place.

8th grade:  Congratulations to Rhiley Mispley first place, Viviana Chavez fifth place and Luke Fleece ninth place.

"The entire Magnolia Cross Country Team did an outstanding job at our 1st meet and represented Magnolia well," said the Magnolia Cross Country coach.

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