Monday, September 3, 2012


Regulations. Please read the information which I provided in the photograph above. There are many on this stretch of river so make sure you understand.

The  proper etiquette of fishing is when there is a fisherman fishing in a particular spot you do not fish next to him. So if you are the person who crashed into my fishing hole three consecutive times and you are reading this please understand we go to the river to listen to the nature sounds and not to hear you brag about your previous conquests or to smell your cigarette smoke.

 The flow was at 1,000 CFS so we fished in the deeper water, if you could find it.

Up river of the Parks Bar bridge (Highway 20) is closed for all fishing from 9/1 to 11/30. Regardless of when you fish in this section you are required to use artificial with barbless hooks and if and when you do catch something you must put it back in the river.

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