Tuesday, September 25, 2012


With Nevada Union's football team on a bye week and Bear River's team on the road Touchdown Productions will be setting up shop at the Woodcreek vs Placer football game on Friday night in Auburn.

While this may sound like a normal football game to be played out under the Friday night lights, it will be significantly different for me. The past four weeks I was on camera only when I had something very specific to say. Not this week as I will be the color man sitting next to a 20 plus year veteran in Marty Mortensen.
Marty and I did work together at the Pleasant Grover/Nevada Union football game but I was on the field and he was sitting next to Jim Adams at the top of the stands. So Marty will have his hands full trying to educate me on how to be a color guy at the same time as doing the play by play.

I'm not sure who is in for the toughest night ahead of them, the player from Woodcreek who has to line up across from Eddie Vanderdoes for 48 minute or Marty who will have to lead the blind or the blind person himself (Me). I'm sure it will be a challenge for all three of us to keep the game going without making a few mistakes.

Thank you to Gil for having the confidence in me. Thank you to Marty for your leadership. Regardless of the hurdles which lay before me on Friday, I'm sure my night will be better than that of the Woodcreek offensive line man who is required to go toe to toe with Vanderdose.

Vanderdose #47 (6'4, 305) comes into the game with 22 tackles and 4.5 sacks in four game this season. While I have heard of the USC bound lineman as most people in the area has. I look forward to seeing him in action and hope I do as well as he does.

Be sure to check back on Saturday morning for the replay of the game and remember what your mother always said. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all...unless it is funny!

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