Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Friday & Saturday, October 5 and 6th,  Reinette Senum   will be on stage for a one-woman show “Alaska Revisited.” I will be recounting my 1,500 mile solo winter journey across Alaska in 1994. This unique and animated presentation features colorful storytelling, video and slides making it wonderful for all ages! 

From the press release:

"Far from a Pollyanna story, “Alaska Revisited” is a courageous, heartfelt tale about self-discovery and the power of the human spirit, and will have audiences on the edge of their seats. From coming face to face with a 300lb Grizzly Bear to being called “Fruit Cake” by local villagers when she went against all social norms to build a canoe by hand to finish her trip, Senum pushed her personal boundaries to finally gain some understanding of herself, her future, and her legacy. "

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