Sunday, September 23, 2012


On Sunday the newly formed Brown Sox baseball 11u team which is made up of players from Nevada City, Grass Valley, Bear River, Lincoln and Penn Valley ventured to their first baseball tournament in Yuba City.

They made it into the Championship game where they fell 10-6 to the R.C. Tribe. The Sox starting pitcher James Nolen threw well keeping the team close for a 1-0 score into the 3rd inning. The Sox used four pitchers to complete the contest limiting pitchers to no more than 40 pitches where the Tribe rode their starter the entire way throwing 98.

The highlights of the day were the home runs by Nolen (first in career), Dean Hopper (second in a week) and Brekyn Vasquez (first in career) as well as three double plays in the field.

The Sox played three very solid games behind starting pitchers Justin Powell, Dustin Thompson and Nolen. The reliever also did a great job as the Sox were not only competitive but were in position to win every game but the final.

The Sox played three contest where the Tribe had to play two, even though they were the team which traveled the farthest they played in the 9a.m. game as well as the championship which had a first pitch at 4 p.m. A long day had by all, but the long day in the sun was well worth it!

The Sox team on the day compiled three HR, 5 triples, 9 doubles and 16 singles in the three game stand.

The host team manager of the NorCal Sluggers stated to me during the post game hand shake, "your team can really hit."

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  1. That is AWESOME!! Great job!! Yes the hard part during tourney time is always scheduling. Getting the kids to relax between game breaks is a tough gig!They just want to be kids!!! :) Second place finish in the first tournament is totally cool!! Great Job Coach!!!


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