Sunday, August 12, 2012


Argument in Favor of Measure K

Voting “Yes” on Measure “K” PRESERVES the outstanding academic caliber of our own top-ranked neighborhood schools which in turn preserves our property values and our local economy.

Over the last four years, the State of California has withheld $5.9 million in required funding OWED to our local school district.    Our local schools have weathered this deficient funding using responsible financial management that combined targeted cost reductions, wage concessions, and prudent use of reserves.

However, four years of this reduced funding has nearly depleted our school district’s savings.   Only the additional funding from this measure will prevent the dismantling of our music, GATE Advanced Studies, athletic, and technology enrichment curriculums.  Decades of investment developing these academic programs have earned numerous state, national, and international awards of excellence.

These awards, and 20+ years of consistent high rankings within our County and State, have attracted families and businesses to relocate to our community.   Demand for excellent schools has contributed greatly to our property values and to sustaining our local economy.

Though we’re all struggling in this tough economy, allowing our local school district’s academic programs to be dismantled is not in the best interest of our students, our community, or our property values.

So when you vote for this measure, know that:

— NONE of these funds will go to the State.  100% of the funds will go to our local schools.

— NONE of these funds will go to salary increases, facility upgrades, or expansions.

— Responsible cost-saving measures will still be required and pursued by our schools.

— Our local and award-winning science, music, athletic, GATE Advanced Studies, and technology curriculums will be PRESERVED.
Whether you have family enrolled in our schools or not, vote YES on K to preserve our schools, our community, and our property values.

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