Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Joshua Sandstrom speaks to Nevada County Online at the Courtyard Suits in Grass Valley, CA.

On Tuesday the Nevada County Online group had the pleasure of listening to Joshua Sandstrom in the conference room at the Courtyard Suites in Grass Valley who educated the 40 or so people of the group on the basics of E-Commerce. The group is made up local business owners as well as entrepreneurs
The groups website had this to say prior to the meeting
To sell online, you need more than just a shopping cart.  Bring ecommerce to your business by learning the most important and relevant platforms, features and options, necessary for success.  Joshua will simplify the complex choices by comparing some of the best software options available today.
Joshua Sandstrom is an entrepreneur, web designer, and online business consultant.  He has several years of experience working first hand with e-commerce solutions including: Zen-Cart, Virtue Mart, PayPal, EBay, Etsy, Ecwid and most recently Magento Community and Magento GO.  Joshua also does consulting and development work in Joomla 2.5 and has a well rounded sense of Social and Email marketing along with Search Engine Optimization.  Like that wasn't enough, he is an avid environmentalist and skilled organic gardener.
This class will be focused on the benefits and differences of the most common and relevant kinds of e-commerce platforms available.  We will look at what is actually involved in the setup of an online e-commerce solution. 
My take away from the event was technology can save you time as well as make you money, but it is always better to pay for someone to setup your web page with an E-solution and show you how it works than to build it yourself. If you are in the business of running a business then do just that and hire someone to do what they do, such as build an on-line presence for you. If you want to do it yourself then feel free but I know my limitations. I wouldn't know the first place to begin especially when technology folks start using terms like CSM, SOI and programming.
The event was organized and hosted by Machen McDonald and Carla Bonetti who ran a great event. The event was recorded by Cheryl Noble of Noble 1 Productions. It was stated the video of the event will be uploaded for interested viewers to view Sandstrom's speech.

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