Saturday, August 18, 2012


I was posed this question - I am looking for a home for $100.000 or less in Nevada City, I have 20% to put down but my credit is hammered from a recent divorce, can I still buy?

A persons credit score in a tight market is the second most important hurdle to clear when thinking about a purchase. The first is cash, if you have all cash then their is no need for a solid credit score. So if you are hammered as bad as you implied, then you will want to deposit the 20% down payment into an interest bearing account at a local bank and then borrow against it. Pay back the borrowed money over a 6 month term and this will move your credit score, resulting in an improved rating. If you do this a few times you should be in great shape.

As to you finding a house in Nevada City for 100k, best of luck. But if you are willing to look in the N. San Juan area, you have a good chance. The services are not as plentiful in this area but you will get snow and a home for the price you have indicated.

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