Thursday, August 16, 2012


The East Fork of the Carson river was very low therefore the fishing was difficult. We fished two consecutive days while camping at Grover Hot Springs campground and had not luck. We fished the first day below Hangman's bridge and the other above. 

The East Fork's section above Hangman is heavily planted and fished throughout the summer. The water was warm and slow moving. This section of river you may use any type of lure or bait a fisherman would like to use. You may also keep up to five fish per day.

From Hangman's bridge to the Nevada/California state line there is a blue ribbon trout stream with a regulations of artificial barb-less hooks only. It is primarily a fly fisherman's haven. While I have fished this area many times, I have never fished it with nearly no water or flow. The deep pools and traditional cut banks we no longer there. The deepest hole we could find on our nearly 3 mile hike was maybe 4 feet deep. We saw very few fish and were shutout on the hot August day.

As you can see in the photo, the water depth is less than one foot, which makes it very difficult for fish to hide. The water level was down almost 18 inches from previous years.

We did happen to find a deeper pool near the Carson River Resort Campground. If you plan to venture into this area call ahead for fishing conditions. The campground staff can be a great source of information.

In summary of our annual East Fork of the Carson fishing trip. UGH! Hot, dry, low flow and no fish.

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