Monday, August 13, 2012


We all have had friends who have come into our lives very quickly and seemed to leave with the same vigor. And then there is the friend who is the constant. It is easy to be a friend when life is filled with niceties and fluff. But a true friend is the one who will be there to help you off of the ground when you have fallen. The severity of the fall may drive the transient friend away, while the real friend will not only help you up, but will also place a caring arm on your shoulder with a warm embrace after the fall. True friends do not attempt to make you feel better looking for a pay back of any kind. They are just genuine and enjoy helping you. The transient friends are just that, they come and they go. I have had both types of friends in my life. Both have brought me joy and meaning, but it is the constant friend who is always there. The true friend is a tree that has developed deep roots into the ground. The true friend grows strong through the years with watering, sunlight and care that can only be developed over time.

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