Saturday, August 25, 2012


The Nevada County Brewers festival which was held at the Nevada County Fair grounds on Saturday was a big hit. It was estimated there were 2,000 people in attendance to taste the suds being offered by the 51 brewers. The proceeds of the event went to the Music in the Mountains organization. The line to get in was much longer than any line to tasted the beer.

The crowd was what you expect at a beer tasting, 70% were men and thank goodness there were not many parents who brought their children.

The Eel River IPA was one of my favorite offerings

American River's Fire Break Red Ale offered a great flavor.

My best in show went to American River which offered a Habanero Pepper beer called Incinerator. It was not offered to the general public but a friend knows the brewer so we were able to tap the secret stash.

The event ran from 3 to 6:30, which at first I thought was a little short but as the minutes passed it was evident to me as to why it was only 3.5 hours. 

Beautiful evening

This guts shirt was filthy and he was falling down drunk.

 This guy stayed at the event way to long, he embarrassed himself and he did not even know it.

 The back of his shirt was covered in dirt. He fell multiple times and was speaking to every female who walked by him and not favorable I may add.

 Good event and would god again.

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