Sunday, August 26, 2012


These are the requests presented to the Western Gateway Parks and Rec by the SkyCatz. All items were approved.

TO: Western Gateway Park and Recreation District Board Members
FROM: Shaun Long, President, Sky Catz Disc Golf Club
SUBJECT: Proposed Disc Golf Course Improvements and Maintenance Projects
DATE: July 18, 2012
ACTION REQUESTED: Review and approval of the proposed Disc Golf Course
improvements and maintenance projects.
BACKGROUND: The goal of the Sky Catz Disc Golf Club (SCDGC) it to promote the sport of
disc golf through education and outreach, hosting club weeklies, clinics, club events, fund
raisers, and Professional Disc Golf Association tournaments.

The club works cooperatively with the Western Gateway Park & Recreation District and the City of Grass Valley to maintain and improve two of Northern California’s best courses, the Hanging Oak Disc Golf Course at Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley and the Condon Park Disc Golf Course in Grass Valley.
On July 14, 2012, the SCDGC Course Committee met at Western Gateway Park to review and
discuss proposed disc golf course improvements and maintenance projects to be submitted to the Western Gateway Park and Recreation District Board for review and approval. Disc golf course improvements and maintenance projects will be funded and implemented by the SCDGC. SCDGC is formally requesting approval to make the following course improvements and conduct the following maintenance activities:
Disc Golf Course Improvements (Within Existing Course Footprint)

• Install a new anchor sleeve on Hole #3 approximately 60-80 ft to left of the moat. An anchor sleeve is a metal tube that is cemented into the ground with a tab for a padlock that allows for an alternate basket position. An example is shown below.

Sky Catz Disc Golf Club
• Install a new anchor sleeve on Hole #7 approximately 80-100 ft beyond the straight pin
position. Part of this improvement will include clearing some of the brush, which will
also reduce fire danger, and remove three to four small oak trees about 6 inches in
• Install a new anchor sleeve on Hole # 8 approximately 80 -100 ft beyond the right pin
position and clear some brush and blackberries.
• Install a new anchor sleeve on Hole #11 approximately 30-40 ft beyond the long straight
pin position and clear some brush.
• Widen the tee pad on Hole #4 to make throwing to the far right pin position safer.
• Extend the tee pad on Hole #9 to allow for a proper disc golf run-up and make throwing
safer on this hole.
• Widen the tee pad on Hole # 16 to make throwing to the far right pin position safer.
• Re-pour Hole #17 tee pad. Current tee pad has begun to get pitted and should be repoured
to make it safer.
Maintenance Projects
• Pack fill dirt or wood chips around the front and back of tee pads to eliminate or reduce
the drop-off to minimize the risk of ankle injuries as result of stepping off the tee pad
when throwing drives on all holes where applicable.
• Removal of dead oak tree towards Hole 7’s fairway. It is feared that this was diseased or
infected with bark beetles and should be removed to protect other tree in the vicinity.
• Install a brick border flush with ground around the ponds on Hole 8, 9, 11, and 14 to
clearly identify the out bounds delineation.
• Remove some of the sediment that has begun to fill in the small pond on Hole 14.
• Fill in the large pond on Hole #9 to a depth of approximately 2 ft deep with fill dirt, sand,
and then gravel. This will reduce the hazard of someone falling into the pond in attempt
to retrieve a disc and make retrieving discs from the water hazard easier.
Thank you for your consideration of the proposed improvements and maintenance projects. We
look forward to discussing this proposal with you further at your meeting on July 25, 2012.

Nice work guys!

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