Monday, August 20, 2012


The Measure K committee is working diligently with the hopes of you passing the $92 parcel tax in November. To this point we have; made buttons, window signs for your car and business, fundraising, built a website, setup a Facebook network, getting endorsements, as well as a vote for Measure K pamphlet. But now we need your help to keep the momentum moving.

How can you help? You can donate funds or volunteer. Checks are to be made out to Yes on K 2012, click here for further information. If you do not have the means, there is another way you can help. If you are a Facebook user then please click here and "like" and "share" the Yes on Measure K page with your friends, this will help spread the word. Your Facebook friends may be interested in donating as well as voting in favor of the measure, so if the programs are important to you, please help.

At Sunday night's meeting we discussed contacting local businesses so, if you have a local business or know someone who does would you please ask them to donate and vote in favor of Measure K? If we are going to be successful in November it will only happen if it is a team effort and you are part of the team.

While the committee is dedicated to the cause, we fully understand this is a community issue and we need the help of the entire community or PRUSD will not be the same. The community will not be the same and for many, life will not be the same. We are all stakeholders here, so if you feel educating our children is important please help raise the awareness.

The money you help raise will be used to pay for road signs, photocopies as well as ongoing expenses which will help inform the community. Many area voters may not have a student or direct involvement with the Pleasant Ridge Union School District the real challenge is providing the information to the unaware community member.

At this point we have raised just over $1,800, but the committee feels we will need at least three times that amount to be successful.

Who is this committee? The committee is made up of parents of students, teachers, staff as well as non-school affiliated community members. The time and energy this group continues to give is countless, self-less and appreciated. We understand what is at stake if this measure does not pass and we are attempting to bring awareness to you as well as the community. The bottom-line is nine people who attended the meeting this past Sunday are only nine people, we need your help.

While some of you may know my PRUSD board seat is up for re-election in November. I intend to spend no personal money or time on my campaign as I feel Measure K is far more important to the district, the children, the staff and the community as a whole than for me to sit at the head table.

I have attended every Measure K committee meeting and will continue to do so. If I have any extra time to give the district then it will be allocated to "K for Kids". If Measure K does not pass then sitting at this board table is the last place I would like to sit.

If K fails, the post-November board will be required to; cut programs which benefit children, layoff teachers and staff which also benefits children. My passion for the district and all that it stands for is more important to me than to be in charge of tearing it apart. Therefore, if you plan to vote in favor of K please vote for me. If you do not intend to support K then please vote for my opponents as I feel this November's election is not about me, but about the kids.

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  1. Dear readers, the stakes are very high, and time is short to get the word out to voters. Preserving our schools will take a concerted effort. If you choose to wait on the sidelines, you may find that next year, you're still on the sidelines....only there's nothing to watch (i.e. no band, choir, technology lab, athletics, ASP, Gate, etc.


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