Monday, January 21, 2013


The weather and the water levels of the Yuba have been stable for almost two weeks so on Friday a friend and I grabbed our fly gear and headed to Big 5 to purchase our 2013 fishing licenses and steelhead card. $57 later we headed to the river.

When we arrived at the Parks Bar bridge we had to fight to get a parking spot. Kidding aside there were 17 cars parked at the bridge.

We fished for 3 hours and during that time I had one take on a size 14 tan colored nymph. We spoke to at least 12 other fisherman who did worse than us. It was tough fishing. The Yuba's flow has been stable at 2050 CFS for two weeks so the fishing should have been very good.

I spoke to a man from Grass Valley who had fished the day before and he was skunked then as well.

On Monday morning I got a report from Reel Anglers Fly Shop in Grass Valley and the report was...
I was able to get down on the Lower Yuba on Sunday, the fishing was pretty darn good. We started the day with nymphs under indicators, the hot flies were red sanjuan worms, red copper john's and jimmy legs. We started fishing dries around 11:00 and hooked up fish immediately and continued to catch fish all day. The hot dries were Skwalla's. I have my pattern here at the shop, and some Quigley's PMD's. It was a great day to be out on the river, no one out there, thanks to the Niners game.

Sometimes the fishing turns on do-to unknown factors. The Fly shop's report sounds promising, so I may have to go again soon but before I do I will need to patch the hole in my waders.

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