Sunday, January 20, 2013


On Saturday at 8 am twenty 7 through 12 year old boys from Bear River Little League stood on frozen ground with only white frost as their back drop in hopes of having a great baseball tryout which could result in being drafted to a Major or Minor's team for the spring of the 2013 Little League baseball season.

While it was very cold it did not slow down these boys of summer.

There were two additional groups of boys who had their chance to strut-their-stuff at 9 am and 10 am. For those players who want to play baseball this season there is a make-up tryout scheduled for Monday at the BRLL major field.

This is my first time being involved with a draft so I attempted to take good notes and did my best to rate the children fairly. Each player had the opportunity to field 3 ground balls at short stop and make an accurate throw to first base. Some of the players stood out to me as they used good foot work as well as showed they had a lively arm. Then they put on helmets and took three cuts with the bat as balls were delivered by a pitching machine. There were a few new kids to BRLL so it was important to watch closely. Once each child had their turn the boys then went to center field where they took three fly balls. A few caught all three but many struggled to catch even one. The final event of the day was to run from home to third. There were a few boys who's speed stood out. All-in-all it was a great day for not only the boys who had the opportunity to show if they were ready to move to the next level, it was a great day for me to be involved in a game I love.

As a manager I will strive to win but never at all costs. Whom ever I select to put on a Tiger's uniform with me this season we will always try to have a good time.

The Major's draft is scheduled for Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm. If you or your child do get drafted, congratulations, but if  the call does not come, please take this small set back and turn it into motivation to work hard and improve so when you tryout again the call will surely come.

I will close with a quote from Sparky Anderson, Detriot Tiger's manager who won the World Series with the Reds and Tigers.

“Look at misfortune the same way you look at success:  Don’t panic.  Do your best and forget the consequences”.

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