Thursday, March 14, 2013


Bear River Little League fans it is that time of year again. Get your bleacher seats and blankets ready as this Wednesday night will be the season opener where the Bear River Major Yankees will host the Penn Valley Cubs at 5pm followed by the Bear River Athletics versus the Nevada City Red Sox.

The following night the Bear River Tigers will host what is rumored to be Penn Valley's top team the White Sox at 5pm while the Bear River Brewers will travel to Forest Hill where their games first pitch is scheduled for 5:30 pm.

Bear River does not have a clear standout team like it did in the spring of 2012 where the Angels went 20-1 in the regular season led by Manager Sean Solomon and a host of top notch 12 year old boys. Early speculation is the Brewers are the top team in 2013 as they finished in 2nd place in 2012 and they return most of their team. They return two of their top four pitchers as well as their starting catcher.  The other team from Bear River which is in the conversation is the Athletics. This team does not have the pitching the Brewers have but they have solid hitting as well as good team speed. The Athletics did finish in fourth place in 2012 but clearly they are a contender as they return most of their team as well as picked up two All-star players in the off season.

The Tigers and the Yankees have relied heavily on the draft to fill their roster. These teams are young and will look to develop over the course of the 20 game season with hopes of playing spoiler late in the season.

The boys love to play in front of large crowds, so If you love baseball, and have a little time some evening this spring check out the schedule and come see a game.

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