Saturday, February 23, 2013


As I walked off the basketball court today in Auburn I became very emotional. While my boys have learned so much about the game over the course of past five seasons it is the connection to the young men that I will miss most.

 The boys and I have only two more games where I will stand on the sideline as their coach and cheer with encouragement. My run as a basketball coach is in its final quarter after 9 seasons. The clock running out. We only have 80 minutes of playing time until my final horn. These boys, many of which I have coached since 2nd grade will be moving on to play middle school ball next winter so my services as coach will not be required.

This group of ballers have taught me a lot about myself such as creating a vocabulary that a group of elementary school kids would understand.  I have had a great time showing the boys how to run set plays and press in the full court. I know I have pushed them beyond where they may have thought possible including playing much older, bigger, stronger and faster players. They work very hard and have often found themselves on the short-end on the scoreboard but the proof of their tireless tenacity will be on display when they play other area schools next season. I would like the boys to know they will always be on my team regardless of what color the uniform or the outcome of the game.

I will always remember the time we have shared.

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