Friday, November 16, 2012


Placer led in their second round play off game with two seconds remaining on clock over the Escalon Cougars but that is all the Cougars needed to win the game as Escalon's kicker moved the score to 27~26 as the clock ran out on Friday night at Placer High School.

The final play of the game

Escalon scored first on a safety and on their next possession, the Cougars running back Chunn scored from 26 yards out to move the score to 9-0. Placer answered with a Brahce 70 yard touchdown run two move to within two points at 9-7.

Placer took the lead on a 60 yard run by Valleer which cam off a wing t miss direction play and the kick was good with 8:19 to play in the first half at 14~9.

Placer took points off board which would cost them the game. The Hillman score a field goal but their was a flag on the play and the coaching staff elected to try and score a touchdown which they did not. Placer attempted to kick the ball again and failed on a high snap. placer turned over on downs.

The three points that were take off the scoreboard was the difference in the game as the final score was 27-26.

The Hillman's perfect season ends before many fans felt it should have.

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