Friday, November 16, 2012


When the weather changes so do the habits of fish. Where it be salmon or steelhead leave the ocean, or trout or bass move into shallow water, which makes it easier to locate and catch them.

The key to successful fishing this time of year is you have to go. Once you have accomplished this task you will want to go to a lake or river that you know very well. This time of year you have a very good chance at catching a trophy sized fish and you don't want to spend time figuring out where and how to fish. You are hunting big fish.

Since you already know where you are going to go (the spots you fished all summer). Fish large patterns unless you are fishing steelhead, if that is the case then use an egg pattern.

If you followed my blog then you know I love the line "go big or go home." This time of year there are no small fish as they have grown all summer or they have not hatched as of yet. That being said  do not use an offering smaller than 3 inches. I have a few streamers which are in the 5 inch range that have done well for me.

Use darker colors; olive, brown, black with a little tinsel. The concept is all fish get darker in the fall and winter so so should your offering. I do not fish with a weighted fly as the fish are in shallower water.

Fish during the warmest time of day as this will energize bug hatches which gets the smaller fish to move and that is when the big fish are out hunting.

Big fish get big because they are not easily caught so when you cast make sure it lands softly and is presented in a life like manner. If you do not get a strike within the first five drifts move. By this time the fish knows you are there and will not be tempted by anything you try.

In closing - fish when it is cloudy, raining or snowing. This creates poor visibility for the fish which will help in your quest of a fish of a life time.

Happy hunting!

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