Monday, November 19, 2012


Bear River's volleyball team won the Sac-Joaquin Divion IV title this past week at UC Davis 3-1 over Ripon Christian. This Tuesday at 7 p.m. they will play in the first round of the California State Tournament when they host Cardinal Newman of Santa Rosa.

Cost is $7 for adult and $5 for students.

The Lady Bruins come into the contest with an overall record of 30-12 while the Cardinals are 25-8.

Bear River shares its roster and statistics on maxpreps while Cardinal Newman posts no information about any of its players. While it makes it tough for sports junkies to get an idea of what type of team will be playing at Jack McCrory gymnasium on Tuesday night. One thing is very clear the Bruins have played some very tough teams while the visiting team has not been as challenged by the same type of programs.

Bear River is ranked at 98 while Cardinal Newman is 125 by maxpreps in their state ranking.

Click here for the article of Cardinal Newman's section final loss.

Click here for the article of the Cardinal's semi-final win.

From the information I could find, it looks as if the Cardinals are led by hitter Emily Papale, setter Emily Bonfigli and back row specialist Mimi Fowler.

Best of luck Lady Bruins.

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