Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm humbled and would like to say thank you to the voters within the Pleasant Ridge Union School District for your support. I look forward to the challenges which lie ahead and I will do my best when faced with a tough choice.

The challenges the District faces are not easy to solve. As you know the Board proposed Measure K which did not pass on November 6. Therefore changes will need to be made.

When faced with these changes, I will do my best to see all sides of the issues, listen before acting, and collaborate with all stakeholders before making any definitive decisions.

Our programs are what makes PRUSD different and thriving and a clear choice over other area educational options. I will do everything I can as your representative to keep all programs intact.

Many kids are engaged at school due do to these programs and being engaged is what life is all about.

If you have any advise or concerns please feel free to contact me. You have elected me, now it is time to use your voice.

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