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  • Sky Catz Meeting May 24, 2012

    One of the highlights of the meeting was when Brian Costa formally recognized Kathy Collins’ spectacular final round at last weekend’s PDGA NT Event: 27th Annual "Steady" Ed Memorial Masters Cup. Kathy shot a final round score of 82 (1 over par, 999 rated round, over a 27 hole championship course layout)! This duly represents the kind of active club members we have and are very grateful for their contributions. People like Kathy help to fuel our passion for the sport and give purpose to the volunteering of our time. We love disc golf and understand that it takes a community effort to make it possible.

    To-Do List for this month:

    • Post Registration forms for the Flipper Memorial doubles tournament scheduled for June 16th
    • Put a call out for volunteers at the Bring the Heat tournament in PV this weekend. The “end of day duties” need the most support.
    • Issue reimbursement for bench fixes planned in PV
    • Post a formal weekly tournament flyer titled “Gold Country Weekly Circuit”
    • Post a list of current Sky Catz members
    • Print and post Sky Catz Membership Forms at the parks
    • Vote on proposed club charter amendments
    • New Pin Placements in GV – convert rough notes into a formal proposal
    • Schedule a face to face Sky Catz meeting with GV’s Parks & Rec Board of Directors
    • Reschedule the face to face Sky Catz meeting with PV’s Parks & Rec Board of Directors
    • Start research on making Sky Catz a non-profit, allowing us to write for grants and gain other benefits
    • Organize/update all Sky Catz member contact information into one central database. Privacy rights will be implemented.
    • Finalize Sky Catz webpage logistic needed before fully activating the website.
    • Sell Sky Catz bag tags at weeklies.
    • Hold a special tournament meeting on June 14th for the upcoming Flipper Memorial Doubles Tournament.
    • Order more club mini discs


    • Don Harris will be heavily supporting Kerry Eldridge with his Sergeant in Arms duties in Penn Valley (including running weeklies with Jere Eshelmen and moving baskets).
    • Weekly tournament: Rates of $8 where discussed. $5 goes to payout, $2 goes ace pool, $1 goes to Sky Catz club, $1 discount for active Sky Catz Members. We also discussed topping out the ace pool at $250. This will allow for additional ace pools to grow if the first ace pot is not hit; meaning we will have the potential for multiple $250 ace pots!! We also discussed plans to keep a written log of who attends and who gets paid (Don Harris already started doing this in PV).
    • Maintenance Agreement between Sky Catz and GV Parks & Rec: Our President, Shaun Long, has successfully finalized and signed off on a formal agreement that saves our club hundreds of dollars in event fees and new course signs (special thanks to Mike Woodman and Bruce Hinson for their work on this too). In addition, we have a formal process in place for submitting course modifications. Sky Catz gratefully respects these agreed upon rules and will make every effort to gain formal approvals. This will ultimately help fosters a close working relationship with the Parks & Rec to ensure a positive future for our sport within this shared community.
    • Motherload Financial Recap: While Sky Catz is not responsible for the finances of many tournaments in our area, volunteering support from members is key. Sky Catz will help by focusing more resources towards sponsorship for next year’s events because we learned that Mr. Michael Travers (TD) had to pay an additional $457 of his own money to cover the Motherlode expenses this year. We can help change this for next year!

    Items still on the Wish List for future months (on going):

    • Putting League
    • Penn Valley: permanent OB lines, filling ponds to be a reasonable depth to retrieve discs, perform minor repairs and upkeep
    • Grass Valley: tee pad repair, minor upkeep, handicap accessibility, new tee signs, course safety strategies
    • Porta-potty on hole 12 for future GV tournaments
    • Make Sky Catz a non-profit
    • Make the Flipper Memorial a PDGA sanctioned event for 2013

    Next Sky Catz Meeting:

    Thursday, June 28th at 6:00pm

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