Sunday, May 13, 2012


The Stevens Trail in Colfax has a vault toilet as well as a paved parking lot and if you are a strong hiker this is a great spot. Many trail guides state the trail is for all levels. I'm sure the women I saw laying on the ground as well as the other older hikers sitting along the edge of the 4.5 mile trail (one way) would not agree.

There is a water fall crossing the the trail about two mile down The water looks as if it is coming out of the granite.

An abandoned gold rush era mine shaft is about at the halfway mark.

It was 90 degrees on the sun baked trail but inside the shaft it was 20 degrees cooler.

everyone went inside to get out of the heat. 

The water was cold and refreshing to the touch.

View from the top of the falls.

The wildflowers were plentiful in early May.

The trail is well marked.

The North Fork of the American River.

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