Monday, June 17, 2013


Little League baseball fans you have a real treat coming your way on Wednesday night in Colfax at 5 p.m. The Lincoln Braves who finished second in the Lincoln TOC will take on Tri-City's A team which boasts one of the best 12 year old players in Northern California who's name is Chace Webb.

Webb is so notorious he travels with a nickname. On Wednesday night he is scheduled to start at pitcher. If you hear people chanting "Beast," you will soon know why as he throws very hard and he swings his bat even harder.

What make this third round TOC game so special? It is the Beast will be playing the Braves, a team which also has bragging rights. Of the 12 boys on the roster 7 of them have recorded a home run including Cole Cavarra who hit 9 on the season as well as Harry Rounds who knocked 8. Rounds also hit 2 long balls in their first round TOC game this past weekend. All but 2 players on the Braves play travel baseball.

Lincoln Little League is known for the long ball. In 2013 the boys hit 70 home runs collectively and in 2012 there were  over 100. The center field fence at McBean Park is 220 feet where the newly constructed fence is about 200.

Cavarra and Rounds not only swing a big stick there are also the Lincoln B team's top pitchers as is Webb for Tri-City. Webb has not thrown at this year's TOC tournament as he pitched 85 pitches in the Top of The Rock tournament this past Thursday.

Don't worry Lincoln fans as the Braves have faced dominate pitching this spring as it is said Connor Manley from the Lincoln A team (Phillies) throws just as hard. Every player on the Phillies plays year around travel baseball and 7 of the 12 have hit 2 or more home-runs this season.

Baseball junkies this is a must see game, see you there!

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