Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Recently I was traveling from my home in Alta Sierra to Colfax by way of Wolf Creek to Dog Bar where I began to see a few white signs mounted on power poles. I passed a few without thinking about it much but by the time I saw the third or fourth sign I had to take a closer look.

At first I thought wow there have been 4 break-ins or BURGLARIES in this rural area of the Alta Sierra Ranches. Or is it spelled Burglary's or even Burglarie's.

While the misspelled words which are so prominently displayed are humorous, the subject matter is not. The residents of this rural development take their safety very seriously. The neighborhood watch program is active and the perpetrators shall be caught. Beware law breakers!

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  1. Anyone knocking on your door.... they will be checking to see if you're NOT at home!!


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