Friday, June 28, 2013


ol'Republic Brewery of Nevada City had entered a few of their beers into the 2013 California State Fair Commercial Beer Competition where they were awarded 5 medals in there first competition. Congratulations to Jim and Simon for being recognized for your efforts over the past 16 months.

Medals awarded:

Category: English IPA
Medal: Gold
Beer: English IPA

Category: Schwarzbier
Medal: Silver
Beer: Bavarian Black Lager

Category: California Common
Medal: Silver
Beer: California Amber Lager

Category: American Stout
Medal: Silver
Beer: Export Stout

Category: Dortmunder
Medal: Bronze
Beer: Dead Canary

The Brewer's statement-
The mission of ol’ Republic Brewery is to provide everyone who enjoys a great beer with world-class, quality handcrafted ales and lagers. After all, the name ‘Republic’ is derived from the Greek ‘res publica’ which translates as ‘for the people’. Hence the catchy slogan; Beer for the People!

If you are looking for a very well crafted beer in Northern California there is none better.

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