Friday, June 14, 2013


We started out slow like a Bengal on a hot summer day but by the middle of the season we picked up a few big wins including defeating three Tournament of Champion's teams. Which was a huge milestone for the youngest team in Bear River's Little League.

While our season is coming to a close without the hopes of post season play, I can reflect on a great season. The boys showed considerable growth in a few areas including on field skills, communication, character and to having fun.

While many coaches measure their team's success by the win column. My teams success will be measured next spring when we see how many players return to the diamond. While many of the boys may not remember to catch the ball and turn glove side when taking a cutoff throw or to remember to keep their head down when fielding a ground ball but what I do hope they remember about their year as a Tiger is how much fun it is to play the game of baseball.

I would like to give a special thanks the boys as well as their parents for the continued support you showed the coaches when things didn't go our way. I would also like to thank the Bear River Little League Board for giving me the opportunity to lead such a fine group of people.

I wish my fellow Bear River Little League teams (Brewers and Athletics) the best of luck this Fathers Day weekend as they travel to Colfax where they will represent our league in the District 11 Major's division Tournament of Champions.

I will always remember the summer of the Tiger!

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