Thursday, April 11, 2013


I was invited to an event today where I not only met a new friend, I found a real lesson in life. The event itself is not relevant but my new friend is. I will call him Joe for now. He is an older man who has lived a full rich life and most of it was spent in Nevada County. He fought for his country in Germany where he was injured. I did not detect any anger about his set back.

He out lived his first wife by many years and he learned to love again. Joe has children, grandchildren as well as 21 great grandchildren and he speaks with love and admiration while speaking about all of them.

Joe loved to play the piano which he can no longer do. He also loved to read which he can also no longer do. He speaks of the old times as they were yesterday remembering even the smallest of details.

What I learned through my time with my new friend Joe is to live in the moment. If there is something you love then cherish it. If something in your life is difficult which causes a set back, roll with it. In the long run it is not really that important.

The past few years have been tough on Joe but his outlook is as positive as anyone I have ever met. He is working hard to get himself in better condition to play the piano once again and I told him I would be back on his birthday to hear him play in May. He agreed to keep working hard.

Joe you may not remember me when we lock eyes again but I will always remember today. Thank you for your wisdom.

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