Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Many of us have played disk golf at Condon Park in Grass Valley but how many of us know the history of this picturesque course. Recently I met the designer's daughter and below is the story she told. 

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I wanted to get a few details about how my dad became involved in the disc golf course and he had been swamped getting ready to run his amateur and professional disc golf tournaments at Condon Park and Western Gateway Park. Those took place the last couple weekends so I finally had a chance to catch up with him. My dad (Michael Travers) has played disc golf as long as I can remember, starting on college campuses with friends. Much of my childhood was spent touring around the US with him on weekends for tournaments, and a few years ago my dad was selected to be a part of the Disc Golf Hall of Fame... yes, it exists. My dad was always passionate about sports in general, playing in local softball and basketball leagues as well, but disc golf was always his #1. He had approached the Grass Valley parks & rec department several times about the possibility of transforming the unused city park land at Condon Park, at the time that area had become primarily used for undesirable activities. It was not until a member of the Rotary visited family in San Diego and was taken to Morley Field disc golf course in Balboa Park and came back to his organization and told them of the great time he had that the project really took off. The Rotary contacted the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) as well as the Disc Golf Association (DGA) for more information on the sport and how to go about installing a course and both organizations directed them to contact my dad as the local professional that would be the best resource. I'd like to say "from there the rest is history..." but I know it was actually years of hard work and to this day is a major commitment for my dad to make sure the park is kept in the best possible condition and presents the best possible representation of the disc golf community to the public. 
Here's a very brief bio on Travers from the Disc Golf Hall of Fame website: 

Course Description
The Squirrel Creek Disc Golf Course in Grass Valley's Condon Park is rated as one of the best courses in California. Designed by Michael Travers (PDGA #1702) as the first disc golf course in the area, Squirrel Creek continues to serve as the hub for disc golf in Western Nevada County. Tight, tree-lined fairways, dense manzanita rough, a year-round creek, multiple pin positions, and mild elevation changes all provide a technical challenge for golfers of all ages. The skip-friendly fairways of red clay and the abundant forest-dwelling gray squirrels make for a unique golfing experience at this course.

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