Saturday, January 5, 2013



 If you have driven to the Bay Area via Highway 80 then you probably know this view. If you don't recall, it is the view of the bay from the rest area in Vallejo. This is a must stop for us every time.

 We were heading to the Temescal neighborhood (Oakland) to see my cousin who was in town from Brooklyn, New York with her fiancee. Who we had not seen in six years.

Upon our arrival we were a little early so we walked around the cute area. One thing I had forgotten was how expensive it is to park in a metered parking spot. It was 25 cents for eight minutes to park on Telegraph.

 We met up at a small restaurant named Marc 49 with big hugs and a tear of joy, which was nice. 

The atmosphere was plentiful and the time spent with Cousin K was as if we saw each other yesterday. Warm and comfortable.

We then proceeded to a family style Korean eatery (Sahn Maru). The owner and his wife made us feel at home.

Telegraph Ave. came to life with a younger hip crowd as the night got longer. Mostly twenty somethings walked the sidewalks.

 People even rode bikes.

The two restaurants in the photo to the right also had very long lines so the next time we venture into this area we will give one of them a try.

 It was great to to see you K!

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