Monday, January 7, 2013


A new group named Nevada County Swap Shop popped up on Facebook in late December of 2012 which will compete with KNCO's radio program of the same name as well as Gold Country

I have copied and pasted the mission statement as well as the rules below.

Community Effort to Recyle, Reuse, and Reclaim! Our LOCAL home-town swap shop where you can buy, sell, or barter with local community members!
Nevada County CA Swap Shop is a local online store on Facebook and only for local Nevada County residents. At Nevada County Swap Shop you can buy or sell items. Come to our page frequently and check out what we have and how we can help you sell the items you no longer need (or want). See you soon.

Nevada County Swap Shop is a great online store to buy or sale items. We (will) have everything and will be offering a wide variety of clothes, furniture & home goods, books, holiday decorations, jewelry, kid’s clothes, items & toys, and much, much more. We'd love to help you sell the items you no longer need and find something you've always been looking for, whether it's for yourself or someone else. In our pictures you can find a few of our featured items that we offer. Come by often as merchandise will be changing frequently. We're sure you'll find something you love!
Remember to share us with your friends.

Thank you and happy shopping!
CiCi Stewart and Friends

Ok, so rules... no one likes them and everyone needs them!

PLEASE REVIEW THESE. You will be removed from the group if you do not follow the rules. These rules are here in order to help this group run smoothly, so please comply.

Have you looked around your house and decided that you have things you no longer want or need? Here is a place where we can post things for sale for our friends to take advantage of, or you can even decide to post something for FREE for someone to take! Your trash could be someone else's treasure!

1. Only post items to sell or items you are looking to buy---NOTHING ELSE.
2. Do not post crafts.
3. Do not advertise your personal business.
4. Limit your posts to no more than 5 posts. (This means you only need 5 posts in the newsfeed at all times. If you post 5 things, and sell two things, you can then delete those two sold posts, and post two more, as long as you have only 5 things at a time belonging to you in the rotation.)
5. Do not bump your items to the top of the newsfeed continually.
6. Delete your post after you have sold your item and no longer need the post.
7. To snag an item, be the first to comment that you want it.
8. You make the arrangements for payment and pickup.
9. Treat everyone on here with respect and kindness. (Yes, this is a rule.)
10. Bring exact change! Don't expect everyone else to be your personal bank.
11. Do not post drugs or drug paraphernalia in Nevada County Swap Shop.
12. Do not post weapons in Nevada County Swap Shop.

If you are harassing someone, using poor language, or being unnecessarily negative or rude, you will be automatically banned. This is a zero tolerance issue. We want to keep this group at clean as possible. DO NOT COMMENT ON A POST with your opinion, only comment if you are interested in buying an item. We will delete any unapproved links, opinions, filthy language, and negativity at our discretion. Please just use caution and common sense when meeting people. (Meet in public places, etc.)

*I am not responsible for any transactions made in Swap Shop, other than those I personally post.

Thank you and Happy Swap Shopping!
CiCi Stewart and Friends


  1. Does anyone know how to see what is listed on this rather mysterious site?

  2. Does anyone know how to see what is listed on this rather mysterious site?


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