Tuesday, January 8, 2013


If you have never been upstream from the Highway 20 bridge on the Yuba River there is a good reason. Both sides of the river are privately owned therefore if you have been to the dam by way of foot then you were trespassing.

If you are law abiding citizen like I am then the video below is the only way you will see it via land.

I'm a fisherman and while I would love to chase the ocean going Rainbow trout (steelhead) into these areas I have stayed away. Until I can talk Clay Hash or Tom Page in to take me in their boat I will only dream of the day when I will swing a streamer in the discharge of Lake Englebright. So until then I will enjoy the footage.

Thank you to the conservationists who invest time and money into improving the spawning habitat of the lower Yuba. While it may never be what it once was that does not mean the work they are going is not worth doing.

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