Thursday, December 13, 2012


While attending the 2012 Bear River Volleyball banquet on Wednesday I noticed a tremendous amount of love and admiration for, school, coaches as well as individual players but it was the players' inter-personal relationships that stood out the most.

The Bruin's varsity team won the Sac-Joaquin section championship which is impressive but that was not the focus of the night by the coaches during there speeches  It was of commitment, dedication and work ethic. Each player was personally identified as to what they did for the team both on and off the court.

 Many senior players some of which had been hitting the ball to each other since the 7th grade did shed a tear. These tears were brought about by what the night represented. This night very well could be the last night they would stand together as a team with their coaches and parents looking on. 

Team sports gives many high school players a sense of belonging and acceptance as well as accomplishment but most of all and extended family which guide them through their formative and often difficult high school years. 

There were special awards and accolades handed out to a few player for their personal achievement on the court but it was glaringly obvious these girls would have traded their MVP and Most improved player plaques for another opportunity to wear their spandex and knee pads as a team for one more game.

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