Thursday, December 6, 2012


The Auburn Journal ran a story titled "Down with the Fluff Chuckers," which was a direct stab at all fly fisherman. The story rubs me the wrong way. The article's first three paragraphs might be true about a few but why would you write a story knowing that you live within a vibrant fly fishing community?

The story begins like this...“I hate fluff chuckers,” a buddy once said to me as we floated past a couple guys who were minding their own business, fly fishing for steelhead on the Trinity River.
He seemed genuinely angry and I asked him what the source of his loathing was.
“Those stinkin’ flea flickers are just a bunch of pompous S.O.B’s,” was the reply. “They think their way is the only way.”

Click here for the rest of the article.

A reader of his paper also took offense to the subject matter and wrote a rebuttal. Click here for that readers reply to the article.

Below is a direct cut from the Auburn Journal's comments section below the article.

Oh what I would give to possess the patience and skills of a fly fisherman. The ability to strategically place an hand tied barbless hooked device known as a “fly” in the most impossible location along a mountain stream, river, or lake, canopied by mother nature-d obstacles presenting a place for a snag to surely happen. Fly fisherman have earned the right to be arrogant. They are the Tiger Woods and Buster Poseys of angling. In my mind, fly fishing is the art and culture of fishing associated with years of experience honing that skillful ability to be in that “fluff chucker” pompous S.O.B. category. I would trade my crank bait, Rapala dependence, in the wink of an eye, just to be able to stand on the banks next to such “artists”. Don’t care for Brad Pitt, but the image of a fly fisherman immediately carries me back to scenes from “Legends of the Fall”. That’s an Oscar winning portrayal of angling at its highest level. I experience “fishing envy” with all categories of angling; just have a higher degree of admiration for the “catch and release” flea flickers of the sport. FISH ON…….

Click here for a Trout Unlimited article on the same issue with or without the name calling.

While I do "flick the flea" from time to time, I do not fish with bait nor do I kill fish as the author does. The Author is a well respected and knowledgeable fishing guide in northern California so he makes a legal living which provides for his family by helping people catch fish. He is paid to put meat in the box. That being said, if any fisherman is within the confines of the law then I would never say anything to him. So please Mr. Columnist if you don't have anything nice to say about other people who live within your community regardless of their ideals then please keep your thoughts to yourself.

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