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The Cooperative Games Company, is a little shop in Nevada City who makes and sells products that promote cooperative play. They believe that, through play, people can easily experience the benefits of cooperation and naturally learn cooperative skills. is owned and managed by Suzanne Lyons. Who is an Earth scientist, author, teacher, a mom of two teenagers—and a business owner. She came to this business because she loves cooperative games and wanted to share this under-discovered treasure!
Lyons is a science textbook author and her textbook Conceptual Integrated Science is used both at NU and Bear River. "I have high hopes to get these games into the classroom on a national scale. I credit Nevada County with giving me the inspiration and tools to start the biz."

"While basketball, Spelling Bees and other competitive activities have an upside, they also promote aggression and stress and lead to bruised feelings. Lyons stated. "Likewise, competitive board games tend to produce feelings of anger and defeat."

Adults who seek cooperative games want to raise their children to know a gentle way of living. And in learning gentleness, it is hoped that the kids will understand the joys and benefits of being peaceful, respectful, and generous as opposed to aggressive and self-seeking. In growing up with an understanding of peace and collaboration, the kids should acquire the wisdom to choose healthy egalitarian relationships, and eventually, to work effectively with others in their occupations.

Examples of two of the many games that can be found on her website.

Shop at the Farmer's Market. Customers and vendors want to get what they need in a fair and fun exchange. Discuss, plan, and problem-solve together so the Farmer's Market is a great place to be! This game is good for teaching kids about business and money as well as choosing healthy, local food.  Ages 6 to 12 plus an advanced game for older players.

Move a bumblebee around the garden. If you land on a yoga space, it's time to do a yoga pose or make up one of  your own! This cooperative game is a fun learning tool that helps children play and learn yoga, which strengthens the body and calms the mind. By those wonderful yoga educators at Yoga Kids. Beautiful game! Ages 4 & Up.

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  1. Hi Scott & Thanks for the profile! Thanks Nevada County too for supporting Many of my customers are natives to the County. Also the Nevada County Online Business Strategies Meet-Up Group has given me lots of technical and business know-how. I also have to thank the Ananda Community because that is where I met a cooperative games expert from the Netherlands who turned me on to to the concept--the power of cooperative play to help build healthy relationships and enable people to get along. Cooperative games are great for families, among friends, at schools, and in the workplace. It's more fun to play with one another than against each other!


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