Wednesday, December 12, 2012


While reading a few posts on a social media website I stumbled upon a larger than normal comment count, so I looked into why people were so interested in a guy named Kenny Bond who lives in Nevada County.

Bond graduated from Nevada Union in 1971 and it sounds as if tolerances played a part in his life. He has been ( not sure where he is today) be seen riding around Grass Valley on his yellow bike. Many posters said he will always be remembered. 

I have pulled two posts which I would like to bring attention to.

"When in fact, he's much smarter than most!!! He made the stupid people, look even more stupid and ignorant!!!!"

"Kenny was so cool I hated the way some kids would try to make him look stupid. I always would say hi to him."

Being kind to others is a fundamental principle to the success of Nevada County regardless of our differences. We all put our shoes on the same way, one foot at a time.  

The video above shows what an interesting man Kenny really is.

Upon Further investigation I located a Blog titled Kenny Bond (found here) written by Evan Bauch. I pulled the post about Kenny and have posted it below.

On September 20th 2011, my father was driving me and my siblings to SAFEWAY down in downtown Grass Valley to obtain some groceries. On the way there, we drove pass the Del Oro Theater and then we suddenly witnessed someone who seemed to be quibbling with an employee who works there at the theater. I was exceedingly concerned on who that was, because I have seen this man walk all around downtown and he seems to be kind of disabled, but very special to Grass Valley. I saw him in the Del Oro Theater when I went to go see the movie "2012", Salvation Army buying clothing with only a few quarters, and a barber shop. So I asked my father who he is and he said that everyone knows who he is. He is a mentally challenged man who rides his bike around in downtown Grass Valley and I think in Nevada City too. He has two yellow bikes I think and one of them got stolen in 1997. I want to know more about this man, so I wont forget more about him. I want to know why he wonders around only in Grass Valley and Nevada City. I want to know more about this interesting man.

There is also a group which has been created here to remember Kenny which states,
This group is a tribute to the man that has brought generations together. Its purpose is to honor Kenny Bond, to share fond memories and stories, and to keep current on the man that has unified a community. We love you, Kenny!
No one has posted in that group. If you know Kenny and have story to tell please do so below as I'm very interested in this man named Kenny as it looks as if he has a large following in Nevada County which is a great reflection of it citizens as we embrace all types of people.

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  1. Kenny is one of my dear friends. He is a tremendous and very special guy and I am privileged to know him and spend time with him. Though Ken lives a simple lifestyle compared to most, he carries more wisdom, joy and goodness than most people I know. I've learned a lot from Kenny! If you gain his trust, you can learn a lot from him too...and enjoy him immensely. I honor and respect Ken, my friend and fellow community member!


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