Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The NBA finals have come and gone with the better team winning four games to one when the final horn sounded. While many fans were disapointed and some out right mad to see Lebron and Co. holding the trophy in the end. Their passion towards the Final's MVP had very little to do with his basketball prowess, but respect. Or lack there of.

The Heat are led by one of the greatest players to ever play the game, most realize he is that good. The haters dispise him for the way he left the Cavs and not for what he can or can not do with the basketball. Magic, Bird, and Michael would never have made the game of basketball about themselves as basketball is a team game.

The Heat are looked on very much like the New York Yankees, they purchased a team that would no doubt become a contender. They spent money to win the title while failing to develop players or men. Where as the Oaklahoma City Thunder are a small market team built through the draft with out all the hoopla and cash. They are still a contender who was built the right way. America love the underdog.

The 2012 season ended as most NBA watchers thought it would, with the Thunder, a small market team sitting on the sidelines watching a big name, deep pocket, big city franchise once again putting on a show. I hope Lebron has learned through his missteps to be humble while standing in the spotlight.

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