Friday, June 29, 2012


Historically a Rocklin Little League team needs no introduction as they have build one of Sacramento's power little league programs and this year should be no different.

The 9-10 team is built around a District 11 Tournament of Champions championship team that dropped the the Bear River Royals in the finals while it's majors team made it to the TOC finals falling to Tri-City.

Click here  for Rocklin's players names and managers. This is a top notch program who always fields the best team they can. RLL holds tryouts for their All-Star teams and it shows on the field how competitive they really are. Rocklin as well as Tri-City moves their top players down in age groups to ensure a very competitive team. Many 10 year old  major's players will play on their 9-10 team including the Mooney boys. In the 9-10 division, RLL will be the team to beat, while the 10-11 team is the strong all comers will have to go through the "Beast" of Tri-City. 

The Major's Division could be up for grabs with the likes of Lincoln, Tri-City, Rocklin and a possible contender is Bear River holding the trophy in the end. The Bear River majors team made into the finals when this group of boys were on the 9-10 team just two years back. The Lincoln team defeated the Bear River team in the final game on a walk off home run. The managers of those two teams were Bear River's Eric VanPatten and Lincoln's Raymond Garcia. The Bear River team is missing a few key players from that run but still a good group of boys.

If Bear River's major team can get by Tri-City in game one, anything could be possible from that point forward for the foothill team.

The Bear River 10-11 All-Star team took a big blow this week when it lost it's number one pitcher, Josiah Cegar with a broken thumb. Cregar's injury occurred in the TOC when he dove for a ball, getting the out. Elliot Boucheir will replace Cegar in the rotation and lead the way for Bear River.

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