Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Dan Lynch writes: Congrats to the divisional winners.

First place - Loya and Herm
Second/Third place tie- Harris and Madruga, and Costa and Bertoncini 

Advanced amateur:
First place - Team PBJ, Brian and Jesse
Second place - Team Brockship Enterprise, Brian and Scott
Third place - Kerry and Sven
Fourth place - Team Anemia, Weaver and McLaughlin
Fifth place - Team Bay Bashers, Paul and Jack R Pfefferle

Am Masters:
First place - Team B&B, Heller and Bud Ice

Intermediate amateur:
First place - Eric and Nick
Second place - Jake and Eric
Third place - Team Mackey Chain Wreckers
Fourth place - Team Pot o' Gold
Fifth place - Sol and Sequoia

Recreational division:
First place - Team Sticky Floor, Bonart and Cross
Second place - Jackson and Wayne

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