Sunday, July 8, 2012


While we all have stood around a fire pit in someones backyard. Over the fourth of July weekend, Three dear friends did the same, but when a party attendee threw a flammable substance into the fire, the friends caught fire and were severely burned. Early reports were a lantern fell into the fire but later it was learned, a drunken guest threw Sterno into the fire to make the flames bigger. It flammable substance exploded and injured a husband and wife as well as a sister. One was heli-flighted to UC San Diego Medical Center while the other two were transported by way of ambulance.

As of today, one person can be found in a medially induced coma and the doctors prognosis is she will not get out of the hospital for eight to nine months. The other two were released with second and third degree burns on 30 to 40 percent of their body.

While we may like to play with fire, when you do someone always gets burned.

To my friends A, S, and S get well soon. While I know things may never be the same for you or your children, my family is always thinking about you as well as the times we have shared.

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