Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sacramento is know as the state's capitol but over recent years it is becoming known as Northern California's Little League baseball capitol. Over the course of a summer many teams play the game where as team's from Sacramento's District 11 and District 54 have played until the end.

Woodcreek Little League's 9-10 All-star team, who represented District 54, not only won the Nor-Cal Division 2 title in 2012 but also in 2011. Click here  for Woodcreek Little League's 9-10 year old All-star Nor-Cal title story. The 9-10 Little League division does not have a state title so this is the last game of the season.

Tri-City Little League's 10-11 All-star team, who represented District 11, won the Nor-Cal title in Watsonville in a 10-0 mercy rule game over River River Park Little League. Click here for the championship game story.  The 10-11 Little League division does not have a state title so this is the last game of the season.

Rocklin Little League's Junior All-stars, who represent District 11, are competing at the West Regional in Vancouver Washington. Click here for the West Regional schedule.

While I'm not 100% sure what makes the Sacramento area's Little League teams so good year in and year out, but there are a few things that these programs do have in common. First great coaches many of which are ex-ball players who teach skill development, they offer fall baseball to there players which has an emphasis on fundamentals and in addition many of the boys play within year around travel baseball programs. When you look at the dedication of the high quality coaches who give so much of themselves, I notice it is not the boys who have earned these titles it is the adults who were chosen to lead. Boys who are 9 through 14 are just kids who want to do well, they are mold-able, coach-able. The real difference within the Sacramento region is the right coaches are coaching the boys the basics of the game and it shows when they get on the larger stages. Click here for the Little League International tournament television schedule.

Nice work coaches!

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