Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Tonight at 6:00, District 11 area two juniors division will gain a bit of clarity as Bear River's top team, the Red Sox will put their 5-0 record on the line when they travel to Auburn where they will take on the 9-1 Auburn Orioles.

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The Red Sox are a skilled well coached group which has many second year juniors players while the Orioles have just as much firepower. When we look at runs scored. The Sox have posted 12.4 runs per game while the Orioles have tallied 16.6 per game which gives the Orioles an edge in the offensive category. Now taking a look at the defensive side of the games. Bear River has given up 6.4 runs per contest where as Auburn has given up 9.6 per game which results in favor of the Red Sox.

The Orioles have played twice as many games as the Sox this spring and the team they fell to by a score of 23-5, Grass Valley A's still have not lost. The Red Sox on the other hand have not played a team with a

When comparing opponents; The Sox defeated the GV Cardinals 12-11 while the Orioles won 10-0, Orioles dropped the SFLL Indians 19-5 where the Sox won 11-5. The Red Sox are deep in pitching while the Orioles have many big bats. Be sure to come out and support the boys.

The standings as of today; Grass Valley A's (8-0), Bear River Red Sox (5-0), Auburn Orioles (9-1), followed by a host of teams fighting to keep their heads at or above the .500 mark.

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