Monday, August 5, 2013


This young competitor was the only entrant who made it to the island and back. The boy was crowned the winner of the final event (Wild Island Ride) at the 2013 Downieville Classic. See the videos below for many crashes including one girl who was helped off by her mom as she crashed and hit her face and arm on the wood planks. The Beach at the confluence of the N. Yuba and the Downie River on Sunday afternoon was quite the party atmosphere with a lot screaming and cheering going on.

Click here if you are interested in learning about the Classic or the 2013 results. I did hear a report of a woman who fell 50 feet down the side of the mountain while racing. The Medi-flight helicopter was called but not used as she climbed back up to the trail and she rode to the finish line with a broken pelvis. I did not catch her name but she was identified as a women from San Francisco.

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Video- Click to see in full screen.

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